Two Kenyan Artistes are counting their days after their song JIRANNI became a countrywide hit, thanks to Tiktok.

The song which is done in a Singeli vibe has been given a massive hearing by countless Kenyans and Tanzanians owing to its level of creativity and quality production.


Rapho Clints & Marylinda hit the airwaves after taking Tiktok by surprise, only to end up with an amazing lifetime hit music being embraced by many to date.


Rapho Clints is a talented male singer, born Raphael Onyango .He crafted his name Rapho Clints by combining his ID Name Raphael and nick name Clinton to form Rapho Clints.

His female counterpart who happens to be his loving wife also, is known as Marylinda Kenya and together they form an amazing duo.


Their hit song JIRANNI has ganered over 170,000 YouTube views in a very short time since its release .A song which talks about socio domestic issues, in a plot or homestead setting .It gives the true picture of a typical Kenyan neighbor. The video is a very creative piece, kudos to its director.


Their other song HUPATI KITU has earned the duo respect, placing them at the helm of Kenyan Music scene with a talent so to say. The song which is bongo flavor gives an elaborate storyline of a man trying so hard to get a repulsive lady with no avail. This is a high quality tune and we’ll shot video good for the street and the screens. Rapho Clints and Marylinda are surely a duo to watch.

February 3, 2023

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