Detectives made an arrest yesterday of  Julius Kimani Mwangi, the suspect in the shooting and killing of  the 46 year old Lilian Waithera, who worked at the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) in Nairobi.

Ms. Waithera was shot last week in a suspicious manner on Kaunda Street in Nairobi, this triggered a post-mortem, which indicated that she had been shot, contrary to what eyewitnesses had believed to be the case when she had collapsed and passed away.

“According to the autopsy report, the female NHIF employee who collapsed and died on Kaunda Street on Monday evening was shot from an elevated angle because the bullet was found inside her lungs,” police said Tuesday last week.

Ms. Waithera was declared dead at the scene by the responders after her colleagues who were walking with her heading home from place of work in Upper Hill called and an ambulance when she collapsed.

“We were walking together when She simply stopped and requested that I call an ambulance for her before collapsing, the ambulance arrived by 5:58 p.m., but it was too late since the doctors pronounced her dead right away,” Ms. Achieng, one of her co-worker said.

Given that there are two high-rise buildings nearby, Nairobi Police Commander Mr. Adamson Bungei, who confirmed the identity of the suspect, claimed that the person who fired the bullet that struck Ms. Waithera was on top of one of the buildings.

Waithera was highly regarded by her coworkers and had spent 15 years working at the NHIF offices. She was familiar with how the government organization operated.

February 21, 2023

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