The Kenya African National Union (KANU) has announced that it does not recognise the individuals who announced that they defected to the ruling party, the United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

This comes after the former party’s Secretary General Nick Salat announced his move to UDA on Wednesday alongside a few members donning KANU’s attire.

In a statement on Thursday, KANU Secretary General George Wainaina noted that its members have not defected to any party and shall not opt for the same.

SG Wainaina claimed that the team purporting to be KANU members were “hired” and should not be identified as members of the party.

“What is appalling to us is the misuse of our highly valued branded party merchandise to beg for bread crumbs from a government full to the brim by hired characters paraded in the full glares of the camera,” he said.

“What we will not take lying down is individuals gallivanting from one press conference to the other, duping Kenyans under the cover of our beloved party,” he added.

On Wednesday, Salat claimed he has led a team from KANU to UDA, and that others are also interested in defecting.



March 16, 2023

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