Genge tone artist Mary Wangechi alias Ngesh has finally signed a recording deal. The 22 year-old from Naivasha recently garnered attention from Kenyans with her viral song “Rieng Genje”. At that time, she got support as well as criticism from Kenyans. At the beginning of her fame she got a recording deal with Kiddo as well as a free makeover.

The support she was getting at that time had people talking with most saying that the Kenyan music industry supports mediocrity instead of helping talented upcoming artists. Some took to social media to call her the next big thing in the music industry.

During an interview with SPM Buzz she narrated her experience with music and how she’s grown up doing small businesses and hawking. So far she has three songs, “Ngesh bad gal wa vasha”, “dem dem” which she featured female artist Ssaru and “Rieng Genje” which had the most views and attention.


Her current record deal manager has promised to support her and make her the next big thing, adding that he won’t let anyone take advantage of her.


June 20, 2023

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