Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) through Diageo Bar Academy, the industry leading program offering world class training for bar professionals, recently held a celebration for bartenders in Kenya in honor of the annual World Bartender Day marked globally on 24th February.


The day celebrates the bartender, one of the world’s oldest professions, and gives us all a chance to raise a glass to the masters behind the bar.

For this year’s celebration, Diageo Bar Academy brought together the bartending community in Kenya through a month-long activation which included an internal engagement, “The Big Shake”, calling on all staff across the business to team up and make the signature “shake” in honor of bartenders, consumer appreciation videos and social content exploring the realities of bartending.


To further reach the wider bartending community, the program engaged bartenders across the country in an online cocktail competition that saw participants submit videos making their signature cocktails for the chance to win multiple rewards.



The celebration culminating in a physical event held at KBL’s newest facility, the microbrewery at Ruaraka, where bartenders got a chance to step out from behind the bar and be treated to a consumer experience which included a tour of the innovation center and experiential activities offering them a chance to connect and be entertained.

Speaking at the event, Eabl Commercial Director, Joel Kamau in recognizing bartenders’ contribution to the business and consumer experiences with their brands, reiterated the business’ commitment through Diageo Bar Academy to invest in their upskilling and professional development through trainings and opportunities.


Diageo Bar Academy also hosted a global Happy Hour, a flagship event for its community, bringing together bartenders across the globe in a virtual session with some of the industry’s biggest names including Tiffanie Barriere – master mixologist, influencer and educator who has been awarded with some of the beverage industry’s highest honors – to inspire, entertain, appreciate, and reward bartenders for their role in the industry.


The bartending profession dates back to ancient Rome and Greece with innkeepers and taverns. The profession begun to gain more respect in the 19th century for the creativity, skill and attention to detail that is involved in creating, making, and serving drinks.

World Bartender Day was created in recent years to celebrate the creative genius and talents of bartenders across the globe, with the first celebration held in 2018, a cocktail competition in Australia and New Zealand, called The Perfect Blend.

The day has increasingly gained popularity and turned into an international phenomenon.

February 22, 2024

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