Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei, strongly suggests that Kenya Kwanza lawmakers who oppose the proposed Finance Bill 2023 be subject to disciplinary measures.  According to Cherargei, Party position is supreme in any democracy and that no one cannot engage in opposition politics within a ruling party.

“I agree with President William Ruto. Furthermore, any Kenya Kwanza MP who shall vote against the Finance Bill 2023 should face the full force of party disciplinary mechanisms,” he said.

Cherargei has been very vocal over the proposed bill, which is already before the National Assembly and is awaiting the MPs’ approval. In the proposed Finance Bill 2023, he has stated that not even a comma will be changed. His remarks follow the President’s statement the day before that he was waiting to see the MPs who would vote against the bill.

“I am waiting for the Members of Parliament who will go and vote against the employment of these young people, against housing that would give these people the chance to own a house with five per cent mortgage,” he said.



Additionally, during the voting for the Finance Bill 2023, the president supported the idea of an open ballot system. He said that the public’s tax payment was the reason why parliamentarians had fewer mortgages.

The Bill suggest, among other things, that employees pay 3% of the Housing Fund Levy which the president has openly asked Kenya Kwanza MPs to adopt the bill, while Raila Odinga, the head of the opposition, has urged Azimio MPs to reject it.

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