Kenya Railways Responds To Overcrowding On Madaraka Express Amid Back-To-School Rush

In light of circulating images showing students seated on the floor of the Madaraka Express, Kenya Railways issued a statement on Monday attributing the situation to a surge in bookings during the back-to-school period.

Despite efforts to expand capacity by adding more coaches, the demand exceeded expectations.

The company acknowledged challenges in accommodating students returning to school after the government’s announcement regarding school reopenings.

While additional coaches were introduced to accommodate early bookings, the recent surge overwhelmed existing resources.

Kenya Railways reiterated its commitment to passenger safety and satisfaction, assuring the public of efforts to prevent any passengers, including students, from being left behind.

However, reports emerged of students being displaced from their seats to accommodate passengers with current bookings.

Last month, Kenya Railways extended the validity of Madaraka Express tickets for affected students, allowing their use exclusively from May 6 to May 10.

The postponement of school reopenings by two weeks was due to heavy rains and flooding, which also led to the closure of over 2000 schools.

Despite these challenges, schools officially reopened on Monday, highlighting the ongoing impact of adverse weather conditions on education infrastructure.

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