A Kenyan man identified as Ango Musungu a man from Busia county, Shianda area in Mumias East Constituency in Western Kenya, has wowed the world with the jaw-dropping amount of strength that lies in his hair.  A video posted by YouTuber Afrimax on the 8th of May 2023, shows Ango, who wears his hair and beard in long braids, showing the amazing and shocking things his hair can do.


 The 70-year-old is seen pulling a truck with several passengers in it, with just his braided strands. In another clip, he is seen lifting a little boy up with his super strong hair. It is believed that Ango’s hair contains supernatural powers hence his unexplainable strength.



 According to people in his community, Ango is considered one of the strongest hair men in the world. Ango is married to five wives and has 19 children, with over 30 grandchildren. “I married many wives because of the enormous power I feel inside of me.


My wives also loved me because of my power and I was also a good-looking man. On how he discovered his power, Ango says it came to him in a dream one night. “I had a dream where I couldn’t push a car using my arms and then I used my hair and I could pull the whole car by myself. After a few days, I did it in real life and it worked


. At first, people thought that I was using black magic or that someone was driving the car.”   Ango says that as people examined his experiments, they came to realize that his power was pure and not of black magic. The super-strong hair man has many other talents including performing acrobatic moves and karate.  

May 16, 2023

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