Embu County is hosting the 60th Madaraka Day celebrations since Kenya gained its independence. The fete is being held at the newly refurbished 20,000-capacity Moi Stadium in Embu. Residents braved the morning cold and thronged at the facility to secure seats for the event.

While having a media briefing on Wednesday morning, Eastern regional commissioner Paul Rotich said the government has invested heavily in Embu County to ensure the Madaraka Day celebrations are a success.

Madaraka Day celebrations are held annually on 1st June. This national holiday is held to commemorate the day that Kenya achieved an independent internal self-governance from the British colonists. It is one of the three national holidays that have been created under Article 8 of the 2010 Constitution.

To celebrate this holiday, Kenyans gather in thousands in a venue that has been selected for the event. The military organizes their parades to showcase their talent.


During the proceedings, there is so much fun as singers and dancers entertain the crowd. The most crucial segment of the day is the delivery of the Madaraka Day speech by the President. The speech addresses the struggle for freedom in the country and touches on other issues that are affecting the country.


The national anthem is usually sung to mark the end of the celebrations. As you celebrate this day you need to know the history that is behind it.

June 1, 2023

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