Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has admitted he is a little over the moon with Chelsea’s sloppy season .He does not support the transfer strategy applied by Chelsea this season .

After talking about Manchester United’s transfer dealings and the financial power of Newcastle United ,the German big shot went on to comment on Chelsea Misfortune after spending so much with no results to show.

600 Million Pounds investment on Chelsea by the new owner Todd Boehly has hardly changed a thing for Chelsea in the last transfer window since his arrival .

Unlike Liverpool who are in die need of a re-structure ,Chelsea are also likely to fall off European football next season.Klopp feels happy with Chelsea’s downfall and elated to see the Blues pick a struggle .

” I feel a little bit for Chelsea to be honest,because it’s not going well,I think they are a top ,top team,but on the other side it’s good to see that you cannot just bring top players together and think it works out.You have to build a team and that’s what the guys there underestimated and gave their coaches nearly impossible job to do.You cannot have two dressing rooms ,you cannot train on two pitches, you have to create relationships ,you have to create team spirit,and that’s the only reason why I’m a little bit happy about it .Chelsea will be fine in the end and they will be incredibly strong next year ,but I’m using them just as an example .At the highest level ,no,we cannot do it like that.And that’s what we will not do.You have to bring in the right players and build a new team .This team wrote a sensational story and now we start a new one ,that’s it,” Said Jurgen Klopp in an interview with Sky Sports.

Earlier on in 2016 when Manchester United spent 100 million pounds on Paul Pogba ,Klopp had a these comments to make too.

” The day that this is football,I’m not in a job anymore,because the game is about playing together.Other clubs can go out and spend more money and collect top players .I want to do it differently .”

However in 2022 when he signed Darwin Nunez he went a few steps back on his previous remarks and said.

“When you want to sign a striker as exciting as Darwin is,it’s the market and you have to pay the price.I’ve said so many things in my life which have caught me later and showed me how quickly life can change.

When Newcastle finally found themselves in the rich hands of Saudi Arabs ,Klopp had to make a comment .

“I heard now that at Newcastle somebody said “there is no ceiling for this club’.Yes he’s absolutely right.There’s no ceiling for Newcastle .Congratulations .But some other clubs have ceilings”.Of course,being at the bottom of the table since the Arabs arrived ,Newcastle had to totally restructure the whole team spending over 315 million pounds so far while Liverpool ,spent 224 million on a few players despite Klopp claiming Liverpool has a ceiling .

April 30, 2023

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