Ohangla musician Papa T held a press conference yesterday at Q Lounge Qataro, Bee center. Speaking at the event the Luo songbird introduced Ben Chike to his fans as his new manager. “Mimi as Papa T, siezi fanya kazi kivyangu, I can’t work alone and I can’t make it alone without you guys na wenye wanatushikilia ama wenye wanatusupport ili tufike mahali.” Papa T said.

Before he had Kelvin as his solo manager, arguing that with the constant growing of the industry competition and brand management making the next positive step was due. “We can’t start a journey without knowing where we are going, why and if we’ve reached our destination”, he said.

He also added that the world has evolved where technology has taken over most of the music industry operations from music distribution, music streaming platforms and how the consumers or fans engage their stars. “Nowadays everything is digital and I want to do things digitally where the next generation will understand the idea and see where we are heading to.” Papa T noted.

He introduced a two man team of Bernard “Ben Chike” and Kelvin Onyango alias Kevo Wuod Okinyo as his managers who will work closely with Him and support his brand. They asked their fans to continue supporting them and expect quality music production soon.

Papa T later announced his band name “TCB” (Top Championship Band). He and his team promised more updates regarding their new adventure on their upcoming shows and on their official social handles.

Ben Chike talking through the press conference noted that there are certain qualities he looks in a musician before agreeing to be their manager and that he saw in Papa T.



February 8, 2023

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