By lydia Nzuve

Aloise Otieng’ Ominang’ombe from Busia has shocked many after he bought himself a coffin worth Kshs. 58,000. The 87 year old said he is preparing for his burial as he awaits death so that he may not leave a burden to his family comprised of 18 children once his time comes.This is not the first time he has done this.He bought the first coffin in 2009 and another in 2012.

When asked why he bought another one, he said the other two are outdated. He has further added that the two coffins would be split into firewood to cook at his burial.

Talking to the media, Aloise said “I want this to go as a lesson to my community at large. You may lack basic needs when you are alive. But when you die, people will slaughter bulls, buy you nice clothes and shoes yet you will be long gone. That is why I decided to plan for a send-off befitting my status in society.”

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