By Juliet Awino

A 26 year old man has died after jumping into River Kuja in Ndhiwa.

The man is said to have removed his clothes and shoes before jumping into the river on Tuesday.

The children who saw him jump into the water thought he was swimming. When the man failed to resurface, the children went home to report the matter to their mother.

“He was seen by children who were expecting that he would get out of the water but he sank and none of them saw him again. Moses Ongong’a the area chief said.

His relatives and friends reported the matter to the police and the search for the body began.

Ongong’a said the man had been rescued in three incidences of attempted suicide.

“He had domestic issues. He previously threatened to take his own life in three different instances, but he was rstrained,” the administrator said.

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