A man is now recovering at the Coast General Hospital after it is claimed that he set himself ablaze in Mombasa County, around the neighborhood of Mwembe Tayari.

The unknown man in question was seen setting himself on fire while positioned on a structure made of concrete in broad daylight, as others witnessed in an undated video that circulated over social media platforms on Thursday.

He was spotted pouring an alleged combustible material on himself before lighting it, which started the flames. Some of the witnesses screamed and shouted, while others just stared in horror as the man faltered and fell to the ground.

People flocked around to witness what was going on, and another person was spotted running over to him. According to recent reports, the man is currently receiving medical care for his wounds.

Following the occurrence, a lot of explanations have been proposed online by Kenyans in an effort to shed light on the man’s motivations.

Many claim that the man was a student in engineering who set himself on fire in protest of the severe economic hardships that millions of Kenyans were experiencing.

However, the police have not yet commented on the incident.

August 18, 2023

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