In a tragic turn of events in Kirinyaga, a 9-year old grade three pupil was defiled and killed by a man identified as John Kariuki. The suspect surrendered himself at Mwiki police station and was later transferred to Kirinyaga County


The girl’s body was found by Reuben Kihara in Rwamuthambi river in Kagio town, Kirinyaga. Reuben said that the body was blocked by a water pipe in the river. According to police commander Moses Koskei, the girl’s body was found with visible signs of injury. A post-mortem showed that the girl was strangled and defiled.

According to police reports, the girl went missing on May 12th 2023 and her body was found on May 14th 2023. Police investigations revealed that the girl knew the suspect and he bought her sweets before he lured her to her death.

The deceased was a grade three pupil at Kagio Catholic School. She was buried on My 25th 2023 and her mother Caroline Wanjiru is still seeking justice. John Kariuki the suspect is being held at Baricho police station.


July 3, 2023

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