Following what appeared to be an attack on Mohammed Ali, Member of Parliament for Nyali, after he shared images of a bullet hole in one of his offices on Tuesday, Pan African human rights organization Haki Afrika, has called for an immediate investigation to the incident.

Mr. Ali took to Twitter to claim that his life was in danger after sharing the images online, and that this is the fifth attack, noting that those after his life are relentless in their pursuit of him, where he claimed that the only person who can take the life of another is God.

“Yet again, for the fifth time, there has been an attack on my office. A clear indication that the person/people behind this attempt on my life are relentless to take me down. What they forget is, no human being can take the life of another except by the will of God,” Mr. Ali wrote on his twitter page.

The director of Haki Afrika, Hussein Khalid, said in a statement on Wednesday that the authorities should launch an investigation into the alleged shooting by the MP who was at the time unharmed, and that they should also hold those responsible accountable and pursue legal action.

“We stand in solidarity with Hon. Ali and urge the authorities to take immediate action to identify those responsible for the senseless attack, make sure they are apprehended, and ensure they are charged in court. The incident has been described as an assassination attempt targeting the legislator, who has so far escaped harm but is understandably concerned for his life,” he stated.

He went on to question Kenya’s security, claiming that if government officials can be a target for criminals, so can ordinary citizens who don’t appear to have security personnel to protect them.

“We are concerned that if a legislator can be shot at in this manner, how safe are Kenyan citizens?” He questioned.

March 15, 2023

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