The CAS has today left a spiritual sabath message in a video where she sang this song .

“Wamejipanga kila corner wanataka kunidhuru. Wanatamani tukionana niwe nakosa uhuru. Hata nifanye jambo jema sina wa kunishikuru. Wangemiliki Amani yangu ningelipia ushuru ” she sang the song NAKUTEGEMEA BABA by Yona Chilolo.


The controversial UDA foot soldier has led the ruling party’s dance crew for months now after her notable dance moves during campaigns left Kenyan men wanting more.Twerking they call it. She is one of our country’s most followed female politicians owing to her plus size and tempting shape.

She has however had to walk in the streets heads down in the past few days after a viral video of a steamy session leaked out. In the video is a woman who looks exactly like her.

Other female politicians like Millie Odhiambo have come out strongly castigating the act of leaking bedroom photos and videos of partners.

April 22, 2023

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