Interior CAS MILLICENT Omanga has landed herself in trouble again .This time its not the usual twerking or leaked sex tape .She is rather on the spot for referring to Former Prime Minister Rt.Hon.Raila Amollo Odinga as Lord of poverty .Taking to her social media handles she wrote ,

” The Lord of Poverty & destructions has done it again as his protestors burn down a PSV bus on Ngong road .Is that what they call peaceful demonstrations ? ”

One netizen commented ,”
1) This nganya has no plate number.
2) The driver and his conductor are nowhere to be seen .Is it a self driving car .?
3) Passengers miraculously disappeared before the car was torched?
4.No one has yet to come to claim ownership of the car .

Every time I see such scenes I remember what Mike Sonko once publicly confessed.That they purchased second hand vehicles ,printed ODM T shirts and set the vehicles ablaze to try to pin the same script on the opposition .Same script playing here ,Kazi ya Moses Kuria .

” Very poor wiser ” said another Kenyan

“Shame on you ….your goons burnt the psv and you claim it’s Raila Odinga..shindwe sana ” Another netizen reacted.

“Divert all the energy you waste on tiktok to prayers and ask God for wisdom ” in another comment.

“Madam ,u the government plan these acts then blame it on Raila ,SHAME ON YOU !” and another and another ..

Azimio leader Raila Amollo Odinga will be leading protests withing Nairobi for a better part of the day today in a bid to send a strong message to President Ruto’s government on matters high cost of living ,Electoral Injustices among others .

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