The ongoing investigation into Kilifi Cult has left pastors MacKenzie and Ezekiel spend nights behind bars or crimes that led to the death of innocent church members .

On Monday night police matched Rhoda MacKenzie to the station from her Mtwapa house .She was arrested alongside her aunt .

Meanwhile as Pastor MacKenzie and Pastor Ezekiel Odero prepare their legal teams to face the court on Tuesday May 2nd ,the investigation team is convinced that Rhoda MacKenzie is a person of interest in the suspected cut that has claimed lives in the infamous Shakahola massacre .

Rhoda being a key figure with the Good News church operations ,has alot of answering to do with the deaths of tens of members .

The use of skewed and extreme religious teachings in pursuit to the so called salvation leading to death of innocent members forms basis of MacKenzie’s accusations .

He is behind bars for encouraging his followers to starve to death in order to enter the Kingdom of God.Other victims are believed to have been strangled to death.

After perusing Mackenzi’s phone records ,the police came up with Rhoda MacKenzie’s name as a person of interest .She doubles up as a human resource manager for her husband’s church administration.

There is suspicion that some victims may have been killed and buried on the Shakahola property over defiance or cult routine.

Despite Pastor MacKenzie pleading not guilty of the many offences he is accused of ,autopsy reveals many victims died out of starvation and asphyxiation .He however maintains ,the church has not been operating since 2019 despite confirming he told them to starve themselves in order to meet Jesus .

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