Authorities in Tahko, Finland, are looking into the unexplained deaths of Kenyan mother Catherine Anyango and her daughter Michelle, who disappeared and were later discovered dead inside their van on Thursday, February 9.

According to reports by local media, the deceased had gone to work in Nilsi where they operated a samosa shop, but they never came home again, which prompted their relative to report the matter to the police for she had tried to contact them earlier with no success.

“The last time anyone saw the deceased was when they were serving food out of their truck at 4:00 on Saturday morning. According to the posture they were found in while sleeping side by side, it is assumed that they opted to take a nap in the track after closing the shop,” read the report.

The police department reported that they were contacted about the incident on February 8 where they investigated the situation and discovered them dead in Tahko the next day.

According to autopsy records, it is believed that they died of carbon monoxide poisoning after retiring to their van in the chilly Tahko conditions.

“According to the autopsy results the cause of death was found to be inhaling carbon monoxide while sleeping, which prevented oxygen from reaching the body, it is conceivable that they used charcoal for cooking or other things that make carbon monoxide, since the track had carbon monoxide which made them succumb to it,” read the autopsy record.

Although the local police have said that they are looking into the case, they have permitted the bodies to be collected for funeral arrangements. The family asks well-wishers to assist them in transporting the bodies back to their home.

February 16, 2023

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