In a tragic turn of events, a 38-year old motorist was killed over an alleged love affair with the clergyman’s wife. The incident happened in Suba South constituency. Wilson Onjiro Otieno the deceased is said to have been taking advantage of the clergyman’s absence and spending the night with his wife.


Chief Andrew Ombisa said the deceased had been having an affair with the cleric’s wife for a long time. On Sunday night, Wilson went to the cleric’s house as was his norm only to find the cleric home. Wilson was drunk and there was a lot of commotion in the household before he decided to leave.

He returned to the clergyman’s house with weapons. The clergyman alerted the public who then came and lynched the intruder. According to police reports, the body of the deceased was dragged to Kimathi Primary School where it was recovered on Monday morning. The clergyman fled his home with his wife and kids.


July 18, 2023

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