Xtian Dela has come out pointing fingers at Mr.Seed and DK Kwenye Beat over the Saturday accident that left Video Director Ambroze Khan and three others dead .

Xtian Dela

Dela is calling for forensic investigation by the Directorate of Criminal Investigation into the cause of the Nanyuki accident that claimed the life of his friend Ambroze .

In his ig stories Xtian Dela posted ,

” I am glad that your local celebs survived that accident that killed my friend Ambroze .What I honestly can’t understand is how comes Ambroze was the only one who died in that car that had 5 people? Who was driving ? Were they sober ? We need answers ”

He continued to say ,”I have personally been in convoys and these celebs drive recklessly .It’s a shame that none of them has even posted and mentioned his name .He is called Ambroze ! Mention him ! Ambroze! ”

Mr seed is in hospital receiving treatment for a fractured pelvis and is on a 3 weeks bed rest .

Xtian Dela is calling for accountability of the Saturday accident .

Ambroze Khan
Ambroze Khan

” ….in most cases the reason is that someone f***ed up .The question is who f***ed up ? Who killed Ambroze ? who was driving recklessly with hazards on? Who killed the others in the car that they hit ? Who? ” Dela said in another post.

” The car is a crime scene .I can bet …that if forensics are done,they will find the fault mainly on the driver.A crime has been committed ! That car will prove it ” he stated again asking Ambrose family to go after whoever will be found culpable .

Ambroze Khan
Ambroze Khan

The accident happened along Nairobi Nanyuki highway leaving Mr.Seed and DK Kwenye Beat with serious injuries .

Ambrose Khan who passed away was Mr.Seed’s video director .He was in the same car as Mr.Seed ,DK Kwenye Beat,a photographer and a businessman.He is the only person from that car who lost his life together with two from the other car involved in the accident .

DK Kwenye Beat

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