Comedian Mulamwah recently clarified that he is not rich just weeks after flaunting loads of cash in a plate of “githeri”. This comes just weeks after the government announced the 15% taxation on content creators. Speaking in a recent YouTube video addressing his fans on 12 June 2023, the comedian talked about the 15% government taxation on content creators.


He specifically addressed President Ruto and said that 15% was too much for content creators since they don’t make much. “Instead of enforcing tax on content creators, the government needs to help them monetize their content”, he said.

He went on to explain that if the government should go ahead with the 15% taxation on content creators, the price of production equipment should be reduced so that they can be affordable. “I have more than 15 employees who help me in the production process and if the 15% tax bill is passed I might have to send some of them home,” he added.


The comedian explained that he is not rich and that most of the money he was flaunting in a viral video from weeks ago, was fake. “The money that I was flaunting was mostly photocopied and only Ksh.2000 was real,” he said.

He added that there isn’t much money made form content creation and that any content creator that has a lot money is getting it from other sources. “The government needs to look into that sector, stick to the 5% that we’re used to until better measures are put in place”, he concluded.

June 13, 2023

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