Popular tiktoker and entrepreneur Mummie Francie recently opened up about her early life, shedding light on her family, education and relationship. In a conversation on the CoolerKula show on Thursday, September 21, the social media influencer started that while growing up her life was not smooth as people may think as she came from a broken family in a broken marriage which was filled with a lot of domestic violence. Due to the circumstances at home it affected her education in a way.

Mummie Francie being an alumni of the Kisauni and Precious Twins and attained a mean grade of D+ in her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). She started that she never got the chance to attend college in the traditional sense. She stated that she did start a secretarial course at some point but did not complete but intends to return to school in the coming year although she has not yet decided on which course she would want to purse.

At an early age of just 17 years where she had just completed her secondary education, Mummie Francie decided to leave her parents’ home which had been an unhappy place to embark on searching for greener pastures. This was where she started involving herself in relationship issues whereby she says she dated several guys before meeting her current husband after facing disappointments from the previous guys. Her previous partners were perceived by the opportunities they could provide since all she wanted was the closure and acceptance.

She once dated a presenter who would give her gigs and that was how her life started making sense but again it did not last due to her asthmatic problem which forced her to leave the environment. Her host became worried not knowing her back ground or family but with the help of the presenter she managed to move from Mtwapa.

October 2, 2023

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