The “navutishwa” hit maker Benson Mutua alias BenSoul revealed to his fans that days before his album release, he ordered a DNA test to confirm the paternity of the daughter he had with Tiffany Muikamba. Speaking in an interview with Mic Cheque podcast on May 10 2023, he said he took his daughter for the test and just moments when the doctor took samples from her, he already knew she was his daughter.

“She’s amazing and very smart and assertive. Like when we went for a DNA test, we were injected and she didn’t cry,” he said.

The musician said that he wrote the song “melody” for his daughter since she inspires him to work harder and become a better person. He also emphasized his commitment to giving her everything she wants, recognizing her as the child of a superstar. “She should get everything she wants. She is a superstar’s child,” he added.

An elated Tiffany took to her social media last month to share a video of her daughter thanking her baby daddy, Bensoul, for such an incredible tribute to her daughter.


“When daddy decides to write a song for his little girl. I guess now you all know what Baby T stands for. This has got to be the sweetest song ever,” said Tiffany.


Ben Soul and Tiffany met during the Oktabafest concert on October 31 2021 while still dating Noni Gathoni. Last month, he confirmed he was single after breakup with Noni Gathoni. He further clarified that they didn’t breakup because of his baby mama or the fact that he had a child with another woman while he was still in a relationship with Noni.



May 11, 2023

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