This Thursday May 4th ,all roads lead to The Tunnel Nairobi where all your A-List and legendary Kenyan celebrities shall be hanging out for the night.

Agenda no.1 on the night’s to do list will be a wine popping and and cake cutting ceremony to celebrate 39 years on planet earth for singer,rapper and game changer Bigpin Jatelo .

Bigpin and Nameless come along way from their hey days making hits with the late E-Sir and so do not expect Baba Tumiso to miss out on the appearance list .Jatelo’s die hard brothers and friends Collo,Wyre ,Madraxx together with Only Rosa shall be in the house in their A- game among other surprise guest and celebrity attendees .

Surprisingly enough ,grapevine has it that Bigpin Jatelo will be launching yet another reality show for himself and the gang .A thing Bigpin hasn’t refuted at all.

PINO SEASON is the action to watch hours after it’s launch come Thursday night .The show is confirmed to get a nonstop reveal of what it means like to be a Chrispine Mwangale and Bigpin Jatelo all at the same time and maybe sometimes two persons apart .

Every detail comes to you pen and paper on Thursday night from the horse’s mouth .

All you have to do now is prepare to touch ground at the Mombasa Road ,Pili Trade Center ,Opposite Hilton Garden right inside The Tunnel where the big event shall be taking place .

PINO SEASON coming to you soon.stay on high alert.

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Jacob Otieno is a creative writer and showbiz analyst, expert of matters Entertainment, Politics, Sports, Lifestyle and emerging trends. etc. He is a graduate of Drama & Theatre Studies with IT from Maseno University.

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