Fast rising Kenyan songstress and songwriter Naya releases her highly anticipated debut EP dubbed “UNCHAINED”. The 4 track EP showcases Naya’s unique and captivating voice, along with her personal and emotionally charged lyrics. Naya is a rising star in the Afro urban pop music scene, captivating audiences with her powerful voice and unique sound.
The inspiration behind “UNCHAINED” revolves around Naya’s relationship with her ex and her journey towards self-love. Each track on the EP offers a raw and intimate look into her experiences and feelings, delivering a powerful message of empowerment and self-discovery. The 4-track EP features a mix of soulful ballads and upbeat tracks, showcasing Naya’s versatility as an artist.
“This EP is a celebration of my personal growth and the journey towards self-love. I wanted to share my story and experiences with others, in the hope that it will inspire others to break free from their own chains and find their own path towards happiness and fulfillment,” says Naya.
Naya was exposed to a diverse range of musical styles from a young age, which fueled her passion for music. She channeled this love into her studies, participating in every musical program available at her school. It was there that she honed her skills, developing her own unique style that blended pop, R&B, and Afro music.
As Naya grew older, she was inspired by a wide range of musicians, from the soulful melodies of Lauryn Hill to the powerhouse vocals of Beyoncé. However, it was the fusion of Afro and urban music that truly spoke to her, and she drew inspiration from artists like Jada Kingdom, Nicki Minaj, and Sza. These artists served as a source of motivation for Naya, inspiring her to continue developing her own musical style and to reach new heights with her music.
Naya’s music is characterized by its upbeat rhythms, soulful melodies, and powerful lyrics that touch on a range of topics, from love and relationships to social and political issues. She has a captivating stage presence, delivering performances that are both energetic and emotional, and her music has already begun to gain attention, with fans all over the world singing along to her catchy tunes
“UNCHAINED” is now available for streaming on all major platforms.

February 9, 2023

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