If you want a boda boda loan in Kenya from an institution you can trust, join Ndege Chai Sacco. The loan interest rate is 14% per annum reducing balance. Repayment is 18 months. You will only pay Ksh 15,000 as the down payment.

Below are the terms of the loan

  • Product to be insured
  • Repayment period is 18 months
  • Interest rate is 14% p.a.-reducing balance
  • Has to be guaranteed by 4 guarantors
  • Logbook to be retained by the financier until clearance of the loan
  • Loan to be classified as asset finance
  • Member to contribute Kshs 15,000 of the cost of the motorcycle.
  • Motorbikes will be disbursed on first come first served basis.

To get the loan,you have to become a member of Ndege Chai Sacco.

Below are contacts for the Sacco

Ndege Chai Building, Kericho



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March 4, 2024

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