Police are investigating an incident in which a newborn baby was discovered dumped inside a public toilet in Kanyonyoo town, Kitui West constituency, on Monday morning.

According to reports, one of the residents became curious about what was going on inside the toilet after hearing cries from within. He saw the baby wrapped in a leso near fresh soil.

“The newborn was just a few hours or at most a day old because its umbilical cord was still attached. It may have been flushed down the toilet last night,” said Michael Kyalo, a resident.

Reports indicate that in order to get to the baby, the residents and the police officers who were on the scene had to dig a hole in the toilet.

“The newborn was saved by locals who had to dig a hole through the toilet to get to it, they cooperated with the police in order to bring the bay out safely without injuring it,” Added Michael.

Once the newborn was rescued, police officials took it away and issued a public appeal to anyone with information on the newborn mother’s whereabouts or how to find her to come forward.

February 27, 2023

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