Banging is the new sound in town after Kenyan based Nigerian act decided to go into studio to feature some of Kenya’s most sought after entertainers. One of the new songs doing so well on streaming platforms is a feature of Kenya’s Rekless, Dj Kalonje and Koffi Machette.

Exgee was born John Abolarin before he perfected the art of music doing a number of genres including Afro fusion, Afrobeat and pop music. Let’s just say he is an act with a rich career so to say.

Banging has been influenced by a multi-faceted African woman with utmost confidence, awareness and self-love hence the reason for attraction by an African Man who will do anything to have her. The song is a fusion of Gengetone and Afrobeat and has so far given Rekless and his lads a run over other prominent names in the Kenyan music industry. Let’s say the Kenya- Nigeria appeal has worked well for them both. Fans are yearning to listen to the new banger on repeat-repeat and as the YouTube numbers rise, the song continues to garner more and more popularity.

Exgee is known for his debut songs ‘That Love’ and “Konki Fire”. Let’s just say he is unbeatable when it comes to giving his talent the best he could ever reach.

They all join the long list of African artistes who have put aside their cultural differences and embraced diversity thus leading to cross culture in music and entertainment. For a long time the industry has had to deal with many challenges like Covid which stagnated art. All that artistes have to worry about now is tours and shows that will aid the exchange of fans in a bid to put Africa on the world map.


May 26, 2023

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