Following the demolition of toilets and gates on Wednesday, traders from Kisumu’s Nyamlori Market stormed Governor Anyang Nyong’o’s office at City Hall on Thursday morning, demanding an explanation from the city manager.

According to reports, the traders who entered the office through a back gate to speak with Abala Wanga, City Manager, stated that they had an active court order that was set to be heard in May on why they should be relocated to Uhuru Business Market.

“Due to our ongoing problems with the county government, we visited the deputy governor. They want us to move without consulting us to the Uhuru market. They vandalized two gates. Why are we being victimized yet we pay taxes?” one of their representative said.

The traders carried placards chanting ‘Haki yetu’ went outside the county’s Huduma Centre offices and demanded to be heard by deputy County Commissioner Hussein Alao Hussein, who told them to report the matter to the police so that the necessary investigation could be conducted.

According to records, the traders disbanded after the police arrived and used no force against them.

March 16, 2023

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