Exactly a year after joining the hyped radio station .Kenyan radio presenter co host and comedian Obinna has announced his exit from Kiss 100 .Obinna replaced Jalango who pursued his political ambitions and I would say it paid off.Jalas is now the sitting MP for Langata constituency in Nairobi County .

About the same time Jalas left the station ,Obinna was groomed to replace him ,joining Kamene Goro who has equally left the station and been replaced by Kwambox few months ago .
Kiss has done a number of Morning Breakfast Show reshuffles from Shaffie and Kalekye  all the way up to Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro and later Jalas and Obinna .We are yet to witness the replacement of the last two as it would have a great impact on the radio’s prominence .

Kiss FM has faced alot of competition from Milele FM and Radio Jambo which are both street giants .Radio 47 is hyped to be the new kid on the block with all the money to buy every big name on Kenya’s  radio menu .Perhaps Obinna is headed there or maybe he is joining Jalas on matters legislation for Langata Constituency ,who knows .

April 25, 2023

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Jacob Otieno is a creative writer and showbiz analyst, expert of matters Entertainment, Politics, Sports, Lifestyle and emerging trends. etc. He is a graduate of Drama & Theatre Studies with IT from Maseno University.

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