Properties worth millions of shillings were destroyed last week on Saturday after fire broke out at Moradi Area in Mathare Constituency.

According to the resident, the outbreak of fire was caused by an open gas that was left in the house unattended.

“Moto ilitoka kwa nyumba moja ambapo mama huyo alikua amewekela chakula jikoni na akatoka na kwenda zake” Mercy Ochieng, resident, Moradi area.

As the area was up in flames, residents staying there and some people from the neighboring place were evacuated immediately. The police set up a cordon, requesting members of the public to leave the area. It was reported that four ambulance crews as well as all the emergency services including fire trucks were called to the area where the incident had occurred.


Most of the residents didn’t save their properties since the fire broke when they were in their respective places of work.

There was no reported case of dead bodies as the fire broke at around 11.00am when everybody was alert.

According to the area chief, “Peter Wanderi” (not real name), the affected people will receive donations to cater for their needs as they try to start up afresh. He also called upon the residents to be more careful when handling kitchen staffs for they are more likely to cause fire.

“I call upon those who are affected to register themselves with the Red Cross team in order to be adhered to in this time of need. Also we need to be careful when acting or using the kitchen wares in order to avoid this mistake again,” Wanderi Said.

The emergency team together with few of the residents managed to put out the fire at around 6:00 pm.

February 2, 2023

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