New Life Church leader pastor Ezekiel Odero’s bail release has left his congregants jubilating and they showed up in huge numbers for his service on 4th of May. After he was granted bail, his elated followers could not help but celebrate outside Shanzu Law Courts and also on social media. The excited followers even lifted lawyer Danstan Omari for helping the cleric leave police custody.


The preacher has been in custody for the past week over alleged brainwashing, but he was released on a bail of KSh 1.5 million.

He acknowledged his wife’s loyalty stating that ever since he was arrested she hasn’t slept, she was praying for his release and thanked God for her. This filled the church with cheers from all corners.


He held the evening service at his church well known as New Life Church right after his release and the turn up was massive. Despite the challenges the lion did not refrain from reuniting with its cubs immediately after hustle and bustle of being held hostage.

The man of God was joined his wife who donned a white dress and together they knelt with the other church members for serious prayers.


He asked his congregation to avoid talking about the matter and if they had to talk, it was only right for them to preach the gospel. “Mumeskia nikiongea kuhusu lolote? Basi nanyi pia msiongee, na kama mtaongea, muongee neno la bwana”.

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