Pastor  Paul Mackenzie may have convinced  hundreds of his followers to fast to death in order to to go to heaven ,but seems like its a journey he is not ready to take it  himself .In a recent video, the embattled clergyman was captured asking journalists to use part of the money they’ve made from covering his stories on buying him milk and bread .He lamented that being in custody means that he cannot make any money yet he needs to eat something more than prison food .

According to him, the media has made so made so much money from covering his stories and it is prudent to appreciate by buying him food .It will be remembered that Mackenzie was taken into custody for brainwashing his followers to fast to death with the promise that they would meet God .Ironically he continued feeding while hundreds of his followers starved at his vast  Shakahola farm in Malindi ,Since his arrest Mackenzie has not shied away from asking food and was even pictured with large bottle of mineral water .

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