Police Crackdown Leads to Detention of 19 Individuals in Siaya

Nineteen individuals have been apprehended and are being held at the Siaya Police Station after a raid on a chang’aa den.

The arrests were conducted as part of a concerted effort to curb the production and sale of illicit liquor, led by a joint team from the National Government Administration and the Kenya Police Service.

According to Siaya County Police Commander, Mr. Cleti Kimaiyo, the operation, spearheaded by Assistant County Commissioner Kaleke Kuyot, targeted the unlawful distribution of alcohol.

Among those detained is Lydia Atieno Okuta, the proprietor of the chang’aa den, who was caught in possession of one liter of chang’aa.

In addition to the arrests, authorities confiscated four motorcycles found within the premises lacking valid insurance documents.

These motorcycles have also been impounded and are currently held at the Siaya Police Station.

Confirming the detention of the suspects, Mr. Kimaiyo disclosed that all twenty individuals are now in police custody and are scheduled to appear in court on Thursday, May 16, 2024.

This crackdown underscores the ongoing efforts by law enforcement agencies to combat the illegal production and distribution of alcoholic beverages, particularly in regions where chang’aa dens pose a significant threat to public safety and order.

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