President William Ruto and the first lady Mama Rachel Ruto who are believed to be Kenya’s greatest prayer partnera have visited the Wailing Wall in Israel Jerusalem to pray for peace and unity.

Dr. Ruto has had a successful week of holding bilateral talks with five heads of state.

During their visit, the president uttered words of prayer at the Western Wall in Jerusalem during his state visit.

” May Kenya and Israel be united in peace as one people”, he said.

The Western wall (wailing wall) is the most religious site in the world for the Jewish people.
The President was accompanied by Mama Rachel Ruto.

The wailing wall is the closest that the Jews can get to the “Holy of Holies”.
Western wall has tunnels with an architectural structure holding at least a 50 feet long stone each.

This temple is considered the place from which the world was created ;Where Abraham took Isaac based on God’s instruction, and where the tablets of the covenant were located.

It is located in the old city of Jerusalem

There has been a very long story about this wall even after the destruction by the Roman Empire in the 16th Century. The Jewish people its their practice coming in to the site to mourn and be moan for the destruction of the temple and the national freedom it symbolized. This is the reason it is refered to as the wailing wall.

Usually at the wailing wall, petition prayers written in small papers were placed in the small hole in the wall by the petitioners believing and hoping that their prayers be granted.

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