During the burial ceremony of his father, Musician Stivo Simple Boy introduced his wife to the mourners. This left netzines amazed since the singer was said to be dating someone else. Different fans went ahead and gave their opinions about Stivo’s wife. The ‘Freshi Barida’ hitmaker announced to his fans that he won’t be exposing his wife to the media.

Pritty shared her reactions on the Q$A session on Instagram where she revealed her thoughts on her ex’s new wife. The content creator said that an actual marriage is based on a marriage certificate or at least a wedding, “Marriage najua lazima kukuwe na harusi kaa si hivyo hio ni come we stay na hio si ndoa.” vishy said

Today being Valentines’ Day, Pritty went ahead and posted photos of her and ex Stivo wishing her fans happy valentines. Stivo inturn replied requesting her not to ruin his marriage for he was happy and is being loved.

“Usivunje ndoa yangu tafadhali mimi niko welo welo nalishwa mapocho pocho uku siko soko niache tu.”he said.

Stivo also requested  the government to arrest those posting other people’s husbands so they don’t ruin other people’s marriages.



February 14, 2023

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