According to Bakari Mungumi, assistant director of Mountain Conservation for the Kenya Wildlife Service, a fire that has burned across more than 40,000 acres of the Aberdare National Park over the course of two weeks might be put out in the next two days.

“We have made good progress since the fire began, and as of yesterday we can say the fire is technically being contained. We are hopeful that in the next two days, the fire will be out,” Mr. Bakari said.

After surveying the moorlands from an aerial view, he noted that the repercussions of the fire won’t be seen right away, but if the dry weather continues, many rivers are likely to dry up, especially the Aberdare, which is vital to Kenya’s environment.

He also urged individuals on the moorlands to lend whatever assistance they could to the teams battling the fire, saying that the endeavor to do so will be much easier if it rains.

“Thankfully, we have had a few small raindrops, but regrettably they have been in the lower woodland zones rather than the higher moorlands. We ask that everyone visit the moorlands to help those teams,” He added.

Reports indicate that Soldiers on the ground provided support by using twigs to extinguish small fires as the squad battling the fire used a plane to spray the blazing moorlands.

February 20, 2023

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