Maasai Mara University is on the spot, mourning with the rest of the country. However most touched by the murder of 20 year old Education student, Adah Nyambura, are her parents and sibling.

Nyambura’s body was found in a bush near campus, raped, burnt with an iron box and strangled to death.

Adah had earlier on spoken to her dad and she promised to travel home on Monday or Tuesday this week.

He also confirmed that Adah was to attend a party with friends later that evening.

Trouble strated when she failed to pick calls on saturday. Mr.Peter Miriti together with his wife Isabela Karimi tried in no avail to reach their first born child. It was more disturbing that Nyambura’s phone went off on that evening.

An anonymous phonecall would then come in right in the middle of a Sunday Church Service.

” He broke my heart, I could not comprehend what he was talking about. All I heard was that a body ad beeb found dumped somewhere I travelled to Narok without disclosing to my wife what had happened because I was worried for her” said Mr. Miriti.

With the aid of DCI Nyambura’s father got to trace his daughter’s last moments.

” I went to the club where they had a party and was shown some photos and videos of them making merry. She looked very happy and I could not imagine her body was lying at the mortuary”, he continued.

Nyambura had been in company of a man and his other colleagues, however her boyfriend took her phone and left her in the club at around 3.00am

Whether she reached home on Saturday morning no one knows but that was the last time she was seen alive. Apparently the said boyfriend who took her phone is in custody being questioned by the authorities. But where could she have been between Saturday Morning and Sunday Morning?

“We equally went to the scene where her body was found in some thicket. Officers told me her body was half naked and she did not have shoes. The killers must have murdered her elsewhere and dumped her body there. The iron box burns must also have happened in a room where the box was connected to. power source, ” he added.

Mr. Miriti had earlier own arranged with a high school principle on how Nyambura was to be stationed at his school during holidays before she reports back.

“They have robbed me of my first born for whom I had big plans. She was my friend and he would not hide anything from me. Her mother is so devastated, she is not talking. ” he narrated in tears.

Her body has been transfered to the Meru Funeral Home awaiting burial on the 10th of May.

The father of two whose other child is in grade seven, has appealed to the police to speed up investigation in order for justice to be served.

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