Residents of Ongata Rongai, Kitengela, Kiserian, and nearby residents of Kajiado County on Monday morning blocked a number of roads, including the Maasai Lodge-Kitengela Road, with rocks and tree branches in order to express their displeasure with the state of the roads in their area.

They claim that despite several agreements made over the years and even designating the roads for tarmacking, the county government of Kajiado has failed to keep their promises to improve the condition of the roads.

“The county administration has not yet taken any action despite some of these roads being in such a terrible condition for years,” Said Edward Ngure a resident in Olekasasi Area.

In a letter to the OCS Ongata Rongai Police Station last week, locals asked for permission to hold peaceful demonstrations to urge the federal and local governments to restore the roads that they believe are the cause of the severe traffic congestion.

“Beginning on February 20, 2023, the people who live in Acacia, Oloosirkon, Sholinke, Olooltepes, Ole Kasasi, Pesha, Kandisi, Scheme Six, Kambi Moto, Kware, Maasai Lodge, Kitengela, and Rimpa Areas will demonstrate to express their displeasure with the manner and speed in which Kerra and the Minister of Transport are handling the issue of infrastructure,” read part of the report signed by Mr Julius Ongaro Otieno, the protests’ organizer.

In October 2022, Mr. Otieno started a petition requesting that the government pave and improve the Maasai Lodge-Kitengela Road. It was submitted in accordance with Article 119 of the Constitution and Standing Order 202 of the National Assembly and gained over 10,000 signatures.

Locals claim that several attempts to contact the government have been fruitless, which is what drove them to participate in the rally in order to call on the government to step in and address the road issue.

“The single-lane Magadi Road needs to be enlarged to suit the area’s expanding population, so we ask the Transport Cabinet Secretary to take action,” said Moses Kilonzo, a resident.

February 20, 2023

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