Retired Presbyterian Church of East Africa Reverend Timothy pleads with retired president Uhuru Kenyatta to mediate in the fight that is happening between  President Ruto and opposition leader Raila Odinga

In his speech on Sunday, Njoya mentioned that the two leaders had created factions  in the country and that someone needed to keep them in check .He said that former president Uhuru was now an elderly statesman and  should be championing peace in the country.

” Like now in Kenya we have two major parties, we have the Raila luo-kamba football federation, and it’ playing with the Ruto’s kikuyu-kalenjin federation…………I’m here not to play referee, but to tell them they need a referee because they are playing games without rules.” He said

Reverend Timothy insisted that the fourth president would be the best mediator between the government and opposition. said that Uhuru’s record outside the country is a great help he could apply what he did to other countries in Kenya.

Uhuru would be the best referee. He’s very famous in Eastern Congo as a peace envoy. He reconciled Somalia and other places and I’m saying what he is doing, he should be doing in Kenya.” he stated.

That was his message to the former president  asking him to use his skills in bringing the government and the opposition together.


February 21, 2023

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