Safaricom PLC, the leading provider of telephone and internet services in Kenya, has released a statement addressing a recent network failure experienced from Sunday evening.

Users nationwide expressed concerns over disrupted internet services, prompting Safaricom to acknowledge encountering an error on one of the underground cables responsible for internet traffic within and outside the nation.

The company swiftly implemented mitigation measures to minimize service disruptions and maintain connectivity while awaiting full cable restoration, though users were cautioned about potential decreases in internet speed until a comprehensive solution is achieved.

Expressing gratitude for customers’ patience, Safaricom reassured users of ongoing efforts to promptly resolve the issue.

The incident highlighted the critical role of reliable internet connectivity in modern society, impacting various sectors such as businesses, education, and communication. Safaricom’s commitment to addressing the network failure and restoring services reflects its dedication to customer satisfaction and maintaining telecommunications infrastructure integrity. As Safaricom continues its efforts to rectify the network failure, customers are encouraged to stay informed through official channels and exercise patience during this period of service restoration, reaffirming the company’s focus on delivering reliable telecommunications services to meet the evolving needs of Kenyan consumers and businesses.

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