A couple from Tana River County was compelled to postpone their wedding after they confessed to their pastor that they were engaging in pre-marital sex. The couple from Evangelical Church were due to marry at King’s Glory Church in Malindi on 12 August as previously announced in the church.

The news of their fornication came to light during the couple’s confession and counselling session. The man who is a new member of the church, confessed to engaging in intercourse with his future wife when asked if they had ever been intimate before.


However, the bride-to-be, who is a long-term member of the church, denied ever having been intimate with the man during her confession session. This prompted Pastor Eli Mwakisha to call the groom into the chambers and ask him to confirm his confession, which he did.


The pastor, who felt he was being taken for a ride, became angry and threatened to curse the couple and announce publicly that he would annul the marriage if they did not come clean.

“At this point, the bride-to-be got down on her knees and asked for forgiveness, confessing that they had indeed been intimate a few times during their year-long courtship,” said Mark Siu, a member of the wedding committee.

Disappointed, the pastor kicked the couple out of his office and called the intercession team to seek God’s word on the matter.


After two hours of intense prayer, he called them back to his office and told them to separate and put the wedding plans on hold for the next 12 months, noting that this was God’s instruction.

“So they were instructed to use the time to repent and pray, but also to make sure that they attend couples’ counselling every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday evening for that time,” said Helida Kase, a prayer leader at the church.

May 23, 2023

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