Multi-talented Diani based versatile singer and record producer, DrugBeats has released a soulful love song dubbed “Soul Provider”.
“Soul Provider,” which is inspired by Boyz Boyz II Men’s classic hit, “I Swear,” is a modern twist on a timeless classic, infused with the vibrant energy of Afrobeat. With its catchy lyrics, smooth vocals, and infectious beats, the song is sure to be a hit with music lovers everywhere.
Drug Beats has created a masterpiece that showcases his musical prowess, delivering a soulful ballad with a touch of Afrobeat rhythm, capturing the essence of love and affection. The song is a testament to DrugBeats’s musical versatility and showcases his ability to bring old-school R&B vibes into a contemporary setting.
DrugBeats is a multi-talented singer and record producer who is making waves in the music industry with his unique blend of soul music and afrobeats. Hailing from Diani, DrugBeats’ sound is characterized by smooth, soulful vocals paired with the energetic rhythms of afrobeats, creating a truly unforgettable musical experience.
He is also known for his exceptional production skills, and has worked with many of the biggest names in the industry, helping to create some of the most innovative and exciting music of recent years. He writes songs that are meaningful and thought-provoking, yet still filled with energy and enthusiasm. His music is a perfect reflection of who he is as a person, and it is clear that he is dedicated to making music that speaks to people on a deeper level

February 11, 2023

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