Speaker Wetangula Urges MPs to Prioritize Budget Process Amidst Public Outcry

National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula has delivered a stern rebuke to Members of Parliament for politicizing the national budget-making process, urging them to refocus on their pivotal role in its formulation and passage.

Addressing MPs at the funeral service of Mzee Yonah Namuli in Sanandiki village, Bungoma, Wetangula underscored the importance of MPs adhering to parliamentary protocols to address any concerns rather than resorting to public discord.

“In the wake of public outcry over the Finance Bill 2024, it is imperative that MPs prioritize their duty to engage constructively within the parliamentary system,” Wetangula stressed, urging MPs to channel their efforts towards finding solutions and fostering collaboration.

Highlighting their responsibility in the budget-making process, Wetangula reminded MPs, “You are the representatives who formulate and pass the budget in committees and the National Assembly.”

In a direct plea to MPs, Wetangula emphasized the need to cease public complaints and instead focus on constructive dialogue. “Please spare the public the distress of witnessing public grievances about the budget, which you ultimately pass… Stay committed to your duties and act in the best interests of the Kenyan populace who entrusted you with their votes,” he urged.

Meanwhile, Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka has urged MPs aligned with the Azimio opposition coalition to reject the proposed Finance Bill 2024. Speaking at Azimio’s Parliamentary Group meeting in Nairobi, Kalonzo criticized the bill’s harsh tax proposals, warning of adverse effects on ordinary Kenyans if implemented.

Asserting the coalition’s readiness to advocate for the public’s interests, Kalonzo stated, “We went to the streets. As a coalition, we are prepared to take to the streets again if necessary to defend public participation.”

The remarks by Speaker Wetangula and Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka underscore the ongoing debate surrounding the Finance Bill 2024 and the need for MPs to prioritize their legislative duties amidst public concerns.


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