A form two student from Rangala Girls High school was shot dead on Tuesday 9 May during altercations between the police and residents in Kisumu. 19-year-old Jecinter Achieng was on a motorcycle heading back home from shopping for school supplies when the incident happened.

What started as a typical Tuesday morning in Kisumu turned chaotic when a matatu driver refused to comply to a routine traffic check. He refused to follow the officer’s instructions and this led to a cat and a mouse chase to Jua Kali area sparking a protest by residents against the police.


Police opened fire on a hostile crowd in the area hitting four residents and among them was the form two student. She was rushed to Aga Khan hospital where she succumbed to the injuries. One of the witnesses said, “when the girl was shot I rushed her to Aga Khan and the doctors told me she didn’t make it”

“The young lady was brought in and when we examined her, we found that she had already succumbed to the gunshot wounds,” Dr Eshiwani said.

At Kisumu County Referral Hospital, Mr Kevin Ochieng, the boda boda rider whose motorcycle Achieng was riding at the time of the shooting, survived but with a bullet wound on his right arm. The same bullet that pierced his arm is the one that killed his passenger.

“I just saw my passenger lying in a pool of blood. I tried to ride the bike and felt my arm go numb, that’s when I realised I had also been shot,” said Mr Ochieng.

The other victims were discharged after undergoing successful surgeries at different health facilities in Kisumu town.

The news of the shooting spread through the city sparking outrage among the locals who were demanding justice and calling for an end to police brutality.

May 10, 2023

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