A protest against persistent power blackouts in Wajir Town led to the death of a form-three student. On June 4 2023, locals in Wajir staged a protest to condemn what they termed as long power blackouts which have generally affected their businesses and lives.

Witnesses said the victim Manaazil Adow Ahmed was shot and killed a few meters away from the local Kenya Power and Lighting offices where the protest occurred. They blocked the main road in the town as they called on Kenya Power to restore their power supply.


Police reports indicated that some of the protestors breached security, accessed the local Kenya Power offices and vandalized property. The protesters violently gained access to the offices, shattering the door, which prompted the action.

Wajir West MP Yusuf Farah Muliro condemned the police for their action, saying they will demand justice. “The people were protesting against persistent power blackouts and instead of them getting help, they were shot at by police. This is wrong,” he said.


He added that they are demanding answers from Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) on why there is no reliable power supply in Wajir. “We have to get a power supply because we all pay taxes, no excuse, ”he said.

Muliro said that an autopsy will be conducted on the body of the 17-year-old boy before he is buried on Monday.


June 5, 2023

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