Below are products offered by Tai Sacco,how to become a member of the Sacco and loans offered:

Diaspora Banking


Designed to provide you with everyday services no different from if you were home. Open your account and stay in control from anywhere in the world through Online Banking as you earn interest and bonuses on your money.

  • Transfer funds through M-Pesa to anywhere in Kenya and make wire transfers to any bank, Kenya and worldwide.
  • Set up standing orders to any TAI SACCO account or other bank accounts.
  • Communicate and give instructions via Secure email.
  • Pay your taxes due to Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)
  • A dedicated Account Relationship Manager
  • Receives incoming funds transfer on Local Currency.
  • Free intra-account transfers.

Open An Account here.

International Money Transfer

It’s easy to send money back home to your loved ones through TAI SACCO. Our joy is when you can seamlessly transact even when your miles away through our Money Transfer Partners:

  • Western Union
  • Swift (International Bank Transfer)
  • Local Bank Transfers
  • M-PESA
  • Acess to a debit card and cheque book.

We’re here to help you choose the business transactional and savings solutions that are best for your needs. Whether you have high volumes of transactions, want to earn interest or need special services, we offer the financial solutions and expertise to help you grow your business.

Get cost-effective rates for multiple or large sets of transfers with our flexible bulk payment solutions that allow you to transact

Enhance your client management with solutions that provide automatic payment notifications to the members for auto-reconciliation. This service offers instant reconciliation and recognition of payment.

Enjoy secure, convenient and low-cost payments with real-time settlement when you use Mobile Money for your banking. This solution offers easy reconciliation and you can easily transfer money from your TAI SACCO account to M-Pesa instantly.

Enjoy a wide array of exemplary insurance products arranged through the very own TAI SACCO Insurance Agency Limited. We don’t just stop there – we go all the way to give you much-needed value offerings. Because you deserve nothing but the best. These covers include Life Insurance (Education & Investment), Medical Insurance, Motor insurance, Fire and burglary etc. You can equally enquire on any other insurance of your need.

Our investment solutions are well suited to match and meet your growing needs. There is never a single solution to the investment question, but we are your single answer to all that you ask. Take advantage of our wide range of investment solutions, Fixed Deposits, Call deposits and various wealth management from TAI SACCO.

We help you buy Land at a place of your choice, we scout for you, negotiate the best price and help you through the buying process.


Home never leaves you, even when you leave it. Whether you left the country years ago and settled in the diaspora, are abroad and send money back home, or you’re planning to retire back home and are looking for sound investment advice, look Diaspora with TAI SACCO. We have tailor-made products that suit your unique banking needs because we know what it’s like to be away from home.

Asset Finance

We know you’ve got big dreams to grow your business so don’t just sit back. TAI SACCO assists Diaspora members to acquire Land, new and used movable assets at competitive interest and flexible repayment period.

We finance the construction of single-family homes and condo/apartment buildings.

Being away from home doesn’t mean you can’t develop yourself further. Leverage on your personal assets such as car, home or personal savings to secure a loan at very competitive interest rates. We have carefully crafted solutions that are suitable to meet your personal as well as business development needs at very competitive lending rates and an early repayment option at no extra cost.

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February 11, 2024

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