Netizens are disappointed by the findings of the Director of Public Prosecutions stating that interior designer Jeff Mwathi was not murdered and may have taken his own life.


Kenyans feel there is a cover up to this story as they already assumed the outcome would be dissatisfying.


Earlier Dj Fatxo who was the chief suspect in this murder gone suicide case, is believed to have flings in the corridors of justice from long arm political hooks thus the ability to let him go Scot free.


This comes after many forensic probes including exhuming of Jeff’s body to ascertain proper investigation.


On the night Jeff died he had parked at Dj Fatxo house for the night partying and drinking, awaiting a business deal. However family members claim he was in communication with them the entire time despite the tragic ending. They hold on to their stand that Jeff was not a suicidal man. His girlfriend hinted on the same, claiming something fishy may have taken place at Dj Fatxo’s house.


Let’s just say the case may end in a disappointment after all attempts to link Dj Fatxo to the murder became futile. Rest in Peace Jeff Mwathi.

April 21, 2023

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